Digital Genesis
 Wesen des Lichts

Creating order from chaos - structure from noise - an algorithm based on a neural network starts with random values and finally generates aesthetic images... The film visualises how an idea or a thought is born. The idea itself and not its content is represented by the evolving images. Each sequence looks like focusing into an image - but what happens is basically different, because the image's structure does change significantly before the image finally saturates: new structures appear, others vanish. Here is the similarity to the evolution process of ideas: starting from weak and unordered glimpses some of the ideas become concrete plans, others just disappear. The final pictures could be associated with a certain wish or as abstract inner images of new worlds like in a dream - all created in mind...

(a german/finnish film-/software-project)

Titel des Films  \ Title of work \ Titre de l'envoi

Digital Genesis

Jahr \ Year \ Année\


Länge \ Length \ Durée

1 Min. 35 Sek.

Regie \ Director \ Metteur en scène

Hans U. Danzebrink, Ville V.A. Lilja

Kamera \ Photography \ Cadreur

Hans U. Danzebrink

Musik \ Music \ Musique

Andreas Mayer

Ton \ Sound \ Son

Nicoley Entezami

Schnitt \ Editing \ Montage

Hans U. Danzebrink

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